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End of the Week Reflection; Goals for the week of January 27th


This week has been bananas!

I have to start with the positive: I FINALLY GOT TO MY FIRST 50LBS! WHHHHHAAAAT! IT’S AMAZING! After have been on this journey for 9 months, I have seen some progress in the numbers department. It is also great to have people share their stories with me and wish me good luck on this journey, it has meant more to me that I can ever express.

Not so positive: I have not felt well for a few of the days out of the week as well as dealing with stress being at such a high level. I will say that I didn’t push myself as hard but I still got a majority of my goals taken care of:

  1. Choose one day out of the week to indulge with Starbucks; take a walk during my lunch break instead–I indulged one day with Starbucks! This is a big thing for me because of how much of it I was consuming.
  2. Work out 4-5 times this week–I worked out 4 times this week: I did Zumba (Monday), Hip Hop Abs (Tuesday), Water Aerobics ( Wednesday), and Zumba (Saturday). All of them were great, except for how I was feeling on Saturday.
  3. Drink 2-3 bottles a day–I did drink at least two bottles, but I decided that I am no longer going to make this a goal. I am just going to work toward making sure I drink more water, I don’t need any extra pressure on myself.
  4. More veggies and fruits (since the blender is no longer working)–I bought a new blender so I am going to work on this because I did not make up for the veggies and fruits that I was getting with the smoothies.
  5. Choose one day out of the week to weigh in.–I still checked my weight a few times. I will not be doing that this week. I will use Monday so that I know how hard to work for the rest of the week.
  6. Walk the lake; improve on the time.–I didn’t this week but definitely will next week

For this week:

  1. Find some mind-body stress relief techniques that would work for me; to endure this journey, I have to be mentally, emotionally, and physically worked.
  2. Have at least three meals a day.
  3. Don’t forget that I am not perfect, and that I DON’T HAVE TO BE.
  4. Start finding things that make me happy. I am so used to doing things that I HAVE to do versus what I LOVE to do.

Most of the goals this week are more personal (mental and emotional) and less about the physical numbers of weight loss. I want to lose some things that are figuratively heavy. I think this should make for a successful week.

Has anyone else thought about this? What are you working on?



Stress=I want everything I know I shouldn’t have


Today was an abnormally stressful day. I can imagine that this week is going to be pretty stressful as well .because there are so many deadlines looming that I need to accomplish and I feel like there is no time. I noticed today, especially, I wanted to eat anything that I could find outside of what I packed for the day and it made me realize that when stressed, I also use food to soothe my temperament.

Coming to the conclusion that food has really played a significant role in how I handled things is both enlightening and disheartening at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I was aware that I used food for coping with different things but today I recognized it, named it, and found myself face to face with the monster I call: CRAVECITY lol. Usually my day does not consist of me CRAVE (like a fiend)  for so many things at once and not just carrots or celery, I’m talking about every candy bar, a Thai tea, a Frapp and a Macchiato (sp?) from Starbucks. Chinese food, and a sandwich (randomly enough).

Glad to say that with CRAVECITY on my back, I did not go get a single one of these things. Not only because I couldn’t leave the office but I figured that I could make it without binging on things that I know aren’t good for me. So I will have to pack more snackems but not those on the list I just named lol so that if I am going to deal with my stress with food, it is something that is accounted for.

End of the Week Reflection; Goals for the Week of January 20th

This week has been an extremely unmotivated week for me. I truly struggled in all aspects: eating, working out, drinking water. I think part of it is a stressful week on the job, not that its an excuse but it definitely affects my mood (which I really loathe). Once I got off my routine, I think that it was hard to salvage it. I truly need to find a better way to deal with my stress and moving within the “grey area” meaning the places that I feel uncomfortable in. So in more detail, this is how I fared throughout the week:

  1. Definitely drink more water; at least 3 bottles. I think that I am going to bring two water bottles of water to work so I am not concerned with getting the water from the faucets there (UGH)–I did NOT drink all the water that I needed to. I would drink one and a half bottles which is far from the goal that I wanted to reach. Positive: I did drink water instead of the other things that I love (like orange or cranberry juice). Negative: I did have a few different Starbucks drinks throughout the week.
  2. Working out FIVE times this week–I did NOT work out the 5 times but I did work out 4. As I stated previously, I got off my routine which threw the rest of my week off. Positive: I worked out! Negative: Wish I would have done more.
  3. Continue to change up the smoothies–MY BLENDER BROKE! I need to replace upon this pay day, so I will be doing that.
  4. Walk the lake on Sunday–Yay! I did this, and it was enjoyable doing so with some cool chicks! I really enjoyed their company.
  5. Continue to take meals to work; it really does make a difference throughout the week (on my appetite and on my pocket).–I did. I ate out twice throughout the week, I believe. I am trying to learn to curb the cravings for burgers, Chinese food, burritos and CAKE! LOL
  6. Become less obsessed with the number on the scale. Although I want to see the progress, I need to only check it one day out of the week and not doubt myself if it isn’t where I want it to be.–I wish that I could say that I did well with this, but I certainly did not. I continued to look at the scale and get disappointed. It did not drive me to do anything dramatic but I know that this is the time I really need to make some changes.

This week I want to focus on PERSEVERANCE! Weight has been an issue for so long that it is normal. But the changes that I see are such a motivation at times and at others it feels like a place to be complacent, now that I know that I can lose the weight. That is where the focus needs to be, I am still so far from the goal that I set for myself and moving forward is a necessity. I thought about what would be good goals for this week:

  1. Choose one day out of the week to indulge with Starbucks; take a walk during my lunch break instead
  2. Work out 4-5 times this week
  3. Drink 2-3 bottles a day
  4. More veggies and fruits (since the blender is no longer working)
  5. Choose one day out of the week to weigh in.
  6. Walk the lake; improve on the time.

Do you have goals this week? What are they?

I am looking forward to this week being better that last week.




End of the Week Reflection; Goals for the Week of January 13th

This week I set out to accomplish several goals and this is how I fared:

  1. Re-Start my 5k training, STICK TO ITI was able to finally get that off the ground again but it’s going into the next week that scares me because it gets more intense. I refuse to give up completely!
  2. Eat breakfast EVERY DAY–Instead of cooking breakfast, I used my green smoothies as a meal replacement. I started to bring lunch and snack to work so that I wasn’t hungry throughout the day
  3. Meal plan for a few days or a week in advance–GotRdone. It was easier to get through the day knowing that when I came home from work that I didn’t have to cook.
  4. Incorporate green smoothies–Yup I did. It became my first meal of the day. This way I was able to explore and try new smoothies. My favorite thus far has been the kale, mango, banana and almond milk smoothie! It was amazing!
  5. Drink three 24 oz bottles a day–I did not do so well with this throughout the week. I really had in mind to get this done but I fell off.
  6. Work out at least 4 times–From Sunday to Wednesday, I got my 5 days of working out done, one more than planned 🙂

I would say that out of all of the goals that I set for myself this week. I feel accomplished even on the days that I decided that I would indulge with libations and Chinese food lol

Goals for the coming week:

  1. Definitely drink more water; at least 3 bottles. I think that I am going to bring two water bottles of water to work so I am not concerned with getting the water from the faucets there (UGH)
  2. Working out FIVE times this week
  3. Continue to change up the smoothies
  4. Walk the lake on Sunday
  5. Continue to take meals to work; it really does make a difference throughout the week (on my appetite and on my pocket).
  6. Become less obsessed with the number on the scale. Although I want to see the progress, I need to only check it one day out of the week and not doubt myself if it isn’t where I want it to be.

This isn’t detouring too far away from the goals that I set last week, but I want to make sure that I added a little bit of variety because the more things become monotonous, I truly become bored and uninterested. I am sure that others have dealt with this along their weight loss journey.

What are your goals this week? Are you doing anything differently? Share with me 🙂



I did that!

Guess who’s out of the 370 club?!??

This girl!!

Yea buddy! Down to 369.2 and 1.2lbs away from my first goal of 50lbs. This has been the hardest like 10-20lbs to lose but I’m working!! Can’t wait until I can officially say that I am down to that goal weight that I set for myself!

Now…I really want to reward myself with a burrito but I am going to settle for some egg whites and cottage cheese, shoot maybe even an apple! I’ll splurge a little lol.



Yet another update: Green smoothie day 3….SUCCESSFUL!


I took what everyone said into some serious consideration and today’s smoothie was extremely successful!

What I did differently:
1. Blended the kale until I didn’t know what it was anymore lol
2. Used almond milk to give it a different consistency.
3. Used apples! A lot of you amazing folks said to use apples for sweetness and I can surely taste that over the kale.
4. I also used strawberries and banana.
5. Blended everything for much longer. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t drinking anymore grass chunks.

I have to say…today was a good day (in my Ice Cube voice lol). But really thank you all that commented and gave tips, they really helped and keep the recipes coming, I’m trying this for another week and a half 🙂


Update: Green Smoothie Day 2….yea….I don’t know about this


I really wanted to incorporate some things that I’ve never done before in my regimen but these green smoothies are kicking my butt. They taste like what I would imagine a lot of grass stuck in a lawnmower would taste like. Really tho! I could be doing it wrong and that is a great possibility that I am and I am struggling!! Here’s where I think I’m going wrong:

1. I blended them either a day or two beforehand and all the goop has settled to the bottom
2. Limes are refreshing but only in increments
3. Too much kale lol
4. Take the skin (and of course the peel) off of all fruit. It’s adding to the chunky consistency. -_-
5. I can’t freehand/freestyle. I need some legit recipes because I only used what sounded good in my mind and ummmm…apparently I’m not that creative lol

Ok -end rant- I am going to keep trying to finish my grass and hopefully some of my friends (both old and new) will share some different suggestions and help!!!!! No, really, HELP haha!




Goals for the Week of January 6, 2014

I decided that I am going to create a goal or list of goals per week as I go about this journey because I want to hold myself accountable for the changes that I want to make:

  1. Re-Start my 5k training, STICK TO IT
  2. Eat breakfast EVERY DAY
  3. Meal plan for a few days or a week in advance
  4. Incorporate green smoothies
  5. Drink three 24 oz bottles a day
  6. Work out at least 4 times

This is a lot to incorporate in a week but I think that if I really push myself, I can accomplish these things and really start my path to this 25lbs by March.

What goals have you decided on this week?



Finding What Works for ME


The beginning of my weight loss journey I started Hip Hop Abs with my roommates and I was intrigued by the fact that “this” Shaun T was not the Shaun T that I saw on his Insanity Work Out. Throughout this time, I have continued to use Hip Hop Abs to get the cardio and core moving but I wanted to try something else because the monotony of working out can become rather boring. Since I have been putting time into the gym trying: Zumba, body sculpting, water aerobics, training for a 5k, i thought that I would be able to do Insanity with no problem.

Boy….was I WRONG! LOL.

I almost passed out doing the warm-up! For now I am going to stick to the things that are working and when I increase my cardio, I can add Insanity. This is not to discourage anyone from trying it, I think that it is at least worth the try to know if you like it or not, it just happened to not be a fit for me at the moment!

Hip Hop Abs, Zumba, Water Aerobics, and Body Sculpt will work for now lol. Maybe I will incorporate a Boot Camp if I have the time…ummm maybe lol



Started from the bottom…well you know ;)


THIS is my second beginning. It’s my second beginning because April was the first time that I decided to make the transition into losing weight. I have been the person constantly saying that no matter what: love who you are! That is something that I take along with me on this journey because at one point, I did not love me enough. I have used/still use food as a crutch and I know that my body has to be more important to me than that. I have struggled with being active, refusing to take advice because I was stubborn but I know that at the end of the day, I had to do this on my own and know that I loved me enough to start this journey. That was the revelation that I had in April. I had already been told by the doctor that I was borderline diabetic and that I needed to watch out for high blood pressure because it is something that runs in the family (on both sides). Doctors were telling me that the weight loss goals that I planned for when I was away at school weren’t going to happen because I was going to be busy and it was unrealistic to set myself up that way. I internalized that. I wanted to rebel against so not only did I not work toward those weight loss goals, I gained weight, reaching my highest of 418.

Now, I am 45.8lbs lighter and 4.2lbs to my first goal of 50lbs. Although it took longer than I wanted it to, I still started. I started because I told myself that I am beautiful but I need to do better as far as being active and let go of some of those lifelong habits. While I still struggle with this journey, I know that I can reach those goals as long as I set and stick to them, even when it is not perfect (because I know for sure that I am NOT).  I am walking into this new year with a new goal of 100lbs before 2015, 25lbs every 3 months seems doable and my dad is going to join me! Even if I don’t reach it, I am going to work hard to get as close to it as possible.

I started this blog to inspire others. I also want to continue to inspire myself. I am going to post things about my start, my progress and eventually my accomplished goals. I want to post things that I am interested in trying, things that I have tried and anything that I come across that will be a support to others.  I look at this as the opportunity to speak my truth and create a space for others to do the same. I hope that this will only gain positivity and deflect negativity. I want this process to be one of minimal stress considering how hard the weight loss journey already is. Feel free to share how you’ve been successful, speak the positives, I want to hear them!

Thank you in advance for your support, I am grateful for the opportunity to come into your life.