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The Struggle is REAL

Sooooooo I have absolutely at my plateau phase: where everything that once was going smoothly is no longer going the sane way, the food is boring, cookies taste like heaven, and exercising seems like such a chore (even though I have still been pretty consistent). With all of that said I am yo-yoING between my 50lbs that I lost and +/- like 5 or 6lbs, it it was one of the most annoying things! Especially because I know that I can do better but I just have been like: I’m tired, I don’t care, and I don’t have energy when that is my opposite reality: I really do care. I really want to continue to see more changes like the ones that I have already succeeded in making but I am mainly working out to get rid of the terrible eating that I have been doing as of late….ahhhh the struggle is REAL!

I am honestly trying to decide whether or not I am going to try 2-a-days…I struggle with this idea because that means that there are going to be longer days ahead but I know that to get out of this slump, I have to do things that I have never done before.

Here is what I am suggesting to myself: tomorrow, Zumba but Tuesday switch it up (do both the body sculpting class and THEN the hip-hop), Wednesday African dance, Thursday Zumba, Friday day off, Saturday Zumba and something else, and Sunday, walk/jog the lake. I’m hoping that by me putting this out into the atmosphere that I am allotted with enough strength to get through this and my job.

Have you reached a plateau? What has been your way of staying out of that slump? Or once there, how did you get out?

Have a great week,


Fallen Short but NOT DONE!

stress meme

I did not plan this past week with the goals that I usually do. This week, I really allowed stress to consume me and take my eye off the prize for just a second but I know that this is not a long-term thing. I have long-term goal in mind and that is to really get to a healthier me, even if that means really moderating the things that I consume because I know my pitfalls:

  • If I am stressed at my job, I eat sweets (cookies, especially)
  • when I haven’t meal prepped, I will eat out (Chinese food is my go-to because it’s close and it’s my favorite kind of food)
  • I start to compromise going to the gym to do other things (get my nails done, going to a class, etc.)
  • Starbucks (enough said, lol)

I am going back to making goals and seeing them get done because I truly feel encouraged when I accomplish the goals that I set for myself:

  1. Meal prep on Sundays
  2. Drink more tea instead of coffee
  3. Green smoothies
  4. Drink 64oz of water a day
  5. Continue to work on stress reducing techniques
  6. At least 3 meals a day
  7. Limit fast food…PERIOD.
  8. Don’t over-indulge. I have an addictive personality and I know that if I don’t curb something that I really love, I will over do it…EVERY TIME!

Ok…I think that is pretty good for the come back!

Thank you for taking the time to read this,