Monthly Archives: March 2014

Transformation Tuesday

I wanted to do a a blog showing my transformation (on this here Tuesday lol…I’m corny).

A few people have told me that I  seem to have more confidence in myself. I’ve never really felt myself to be someone who lacked confidence, perse, but I know that there are insecurities that I, and the human race, struggle with. One of those that is like blaring red light to me is:  I don’t want this weight loss to be the reason why I am now getting looks or comments when I would have been otherwise ignored. There have been changes made to the outside, but I am more or less the person that I was at 418. I have always been opinionated (which gets me in trouble lol), I have always been “funny”  (not sure that I would consider myself funny, funny more like snarky) and I have always valued my education. Most of all, I am beautiful. That’s not even tooting my own horn that’s a realization that I had as I have gone along this journey; beauty is so much more than how I look but how I FEEL!

This post is not to be vain but as someone who has been looked down upon, cast aside, or otherwise ignored, I have declared that I am visible, I am important, and I am beautiful! As are YOU! It really is dedicated to a transforming of the mind, body and spirit. I am not perfect at this or anything that I do but I feel good about the steps that I am taking and making bold declarations for  myself. I hope that you also take some time to make a declaration to yourself!

Happy Tuesday All!