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The Glory Vs. The Struggle

I read a post on FB that  discussed weight loss journey and how people see the end result but not necessarily the work that is put into it along with the self-doubt, body complex issues, fear of eating too much or not enough, and being one of the only people afraid to eat just anything.

I identify so much with her story. I have struggled with weight all of my life. I have struggled with the concept that I am much bigger than how I feel (or how I see myself)  but I am quickly brought back to reality when I try on clothes, think about going to an amusement park and getting on the rides (haven’t done that in soooo long), eating out in public, sitting in a chair and it breaking or creaking to the point of being extremely noticeable, etc. That’s where the insecurities kick in. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been the type of person sure of my abilities until it came to issues of weight. Weight loss has always been the thing that I have started and quit more times than I can count, I have been discouraged from medial professionals (even put down by them), I have been gawked at, and I just kept pushing and tipping the scale in the red.

In feeling this way (which I’ve discussed before) the final straw came at the end of my graduate school career when I saw myself in a picture and I said enough is enough. I started noticing the triggers for eating unhealthily which usually was during times where emotions were high (I am definitely a stress eater) and if I wanted something I couldn’t just have  a small amount I had to have an abundance, almost getting sick from overindulging. I won’t say that I completely broke that habit but I am definitely working toward that.  The good news out of all  of this, I found my desire to get to where I want to go but there is no success without the stress that it takes to get it together. The journey is what makes the end destination worth it and so far in my 26 years, I have been on a hell of a journey and I plan to keep living and loving!



New IG for the Journey

Hey All,

I decided to start an IG dedicated to the weight loss IG: LifestyleChangingWithAB. I decided to start it because I wanted to talk about not so much DIETING *bad word* but LIFESTYLE CHANGES because the more that I say *the bad word* the more I believe that it is fleeting and health is not one of those things.

There are a lot of people that I follow on IG that are inspirations, things that I come across that I would like to share, my own personal check-ins, options for food, struggles, etc. After looking at one of my friends (shout out to Megan), she inspired me to share some similar information. I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue to share some worthwhile and resourceful things as well as my own personal journey along the way. I am hoping that it is candid and honest so that I can reach people on different levels.

We shall see how this goes! Let’s do it together and follow ya girl!



How Could I Forget?!?!?!? 1 YEAR!!!

My goodness!!!! How could I forget that a little over a year ago (April 2013), I decided to start this weight loss journey!?!?!?! I cannot believe how time has flown by! Although I hit a plateau, fell off a little bit, I decided to come back to it earlier than I usually would! YESSSSSS!

As I reflect on my journey thus far, I am proud of myself. Even in the moments of doubt, the one thing  I knew for sure is that I needed to keep going. I needed the extra push to get there but that’s ok. On this journey I have also had several people tell me that I have inspired them, that I’ve set a good example which has meant the world to me. It’s hard to even articulate how much it does. The idea that others can see passed my own self-doubt and frustration, still send encouragement and speak life has really made this journey worthwhile. I will take this with me as I continue along this health and wellness path.

I encourage you to do what’s best for your mental, physical and emotional health! YOU ARE IMPORTANT (IF NO ONE TOLD YOU THAT TODAY!)

Stay beautiful,


Day 4…

I had been struggling with getting back on track. With the stress of my job and the stress that I was putting on myself I managed to gain 10 of my lbs back. Considering how I was eating, I wasn’t terrible but that increases the desire to get to back together. 

That’s why I decided to join the #40DaysofBeast challenge. I decided to start later and I noticed how behind I was and just decided to get back into the groove of the gym. Thus far, I have been to the gym everyday and I even took some company (:)) which has made the experience a little different because they expressed the need to get back to getting active.  I have enjoyed these last few days and in-spite of, I was able to accomplish pushing myself to work on this again. Usually after that type of plateau, I am extremely discouraged and questioning whether it is worth it and this time, I came up with an answer….HELL YEA! 


Also, I have stuck pretty close to my meal-prepping meals without going to buy too much other food (except for last night when I had a bowl from Chipotle…it was BOMB! and I had some M&Ms one day and one coffee this whole week…that is a feat for me). My meals have been really good and while there are times when I still feel hungry, I don’t try to eat a whole lot outside of what I brought with me.

All-in-all, I am having a successful week thus far and I plan on continuing, I’m ready to get to that goal that I have in mind!

40 Days of Beast

I had been hoping that I would come across a challenge that seemed plausible for me, something to be accountable for and something popped up on both my FB and IG and I said to myself, “you needed a sign so here ya go” and like what has happened in the past, I have fallen completely off. It’s been disheartening because I was really on it and I was working for it. I am hoping that this is what brings me out of my slump. So on Sunday, which is how I begin my workout cycles, I will join the 40 Days of Beast that one of my fellow Berkeley alums and Frat brother started together.

Check the photos for further information on how to get involved if you’re interested!