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July 7th & 8th

Happy Monday, ALL!

This weekend proved to be a bigger challenge than I expected, I was struggling with motivating myself to do more. I did not go to the gym or walk the lake like I wanted to, and I got minimal cardio in.

Today is also my cousin’s last day in town, whom I haven’t seen in a couple of years so I indulged today with food and alcohol. In the last hour, I was able to still complete the minimum of the challenge for today: 30 squats and 8 burpees. I did 30 squats and 10 modified burpees (it was a struggle to do that lol).

Tomorrow, July 8th, the challenge consists of: 30mins of cardio, 8 burpess and 35 squats. I am sure that I can knock out two within the body sculpting class that I take and I can do the cardio in Hip Hop dance.

I never complete a challenge and I do not want this to continue to be my legacy, I really want to complete this challenge because I need to prove to myself that I can, and I will.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and I’ll check in tomorrow.


July 3rd, 4th and 5th

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!

Since I didn’t get a chan0ce to do a post yesterday, I wanted to make sure that I connected today.

On the 3rd: I said that I wanted to do 30 mins of cardo (including Hip Hop Abs & walking), 10 burpees, and 20 squats. Since I didn’t get to it until late I ended up doing: 24 mins of cardio (Hip Abs only), 10 modified burpees and 20 squats (which I struggled with because my knee started to hurt). Overall, I was still able to get it done.

On the 4th: I decided that I would do 3 classes: African dance, hip hop, and Zumba and the July 4th BWLW challenge. After the 3 classes that I took, I was wooped! SO, I did all three classes: African dance (30mins), HH (30mins), Zumba (30mins). The challenge became less of an importance because I had already spent a good portion of the morning in class.

Today (July 5th): I decided that I am going to take the day off from the gym but I will make up for the challenge that I missed yesterday (6 modified) burpees, 25 squats) and the one for today (30 mins of cardio, 7(modified) burpees, and 30 squats). Therefore, today would include: 30mins of cardio, 13 (modified) burpees, and 55 squats.

Let’s see how today goes, I don’t want to get used to taking too many breaks.

Have a wonderful Saturday all!

July Challenge: Day 2; Day 3

Tuesday  felt like a success to me. I was able to get it done with no problem (for the most part lol). So yesterday, I decided to continue that feeling of success.

  1. BWLW July Challenge Day 2: 5 burpees, 20 squats. I did 10 burpees and 20 squats before the gym.
  2. For my own measure I added: Zumba (50mins) and Water aerobics (40 mins)

My goal is not wear myself down but to keep changing it up so that my body doesn’t get to use to a certain type of routine, complacency being one of them. I really want to keep my body moving. Even while I’m on vacation, I will be taking time out to utilize the gym and walk more than I usually do.


Today’s challenge is: 25 mins of CARDIO, 5 BURPEES, 20 SQUATS. 

My goal is: 30 mins of CARDIO, 10 BURPEES (modified chair version), and 20 SQUATS. For my cardio I am going to do Hip Hop Abs: Ab Sculpt (it can be found online with youtube) and go for a walk (in no particular order). NO GYM TODAY, I want to keep my body moving but try different techniques that work for my current body size and then push those limits.

Day 3…let’s go!

July Challenges, My Struggles–Still Pushing

I have not posted in a while. I noticed that all of my posts were starting to have a negative connotation to them and that is not what I had in mind when I started this blog. So instead, I will start with the not-so positive and end on a better note:

  1. I am up almost 20lbs from the big 50 that I lost. It was a little disheartening considering how long it took to get me there. But I will say that it sparked something back in me that said that I cannot let the work that I did go in vain. I owe it to myself, my health and emotional wealth to keep moving.


  1. I decided to start the July challenge that Black Women Losing Weight offered.If you don’t know about them: it s a group that I started following when I first started my weight  loss and all of their posts are inspiring, sharing the different stories of how women were losing weight as well as the stories of why. I was immediately enthralled and even shared my own story:
  2. The challenge for today includes: 25 mins of cardio, 5 burpees, and 20 squats.
  3. For my cardio, I chose Hip Hop Abs: Total Body Burn (42 mins)
  4. Burpees: I used a chair technique, it helped me to do 10!
  5. Squats: I did during my cardio, that’s all I could do today.

I will post the rest of the calendar down below. I hope you join me!

How is your weight loss journey going? Hit a plateau? Join  the club of START AGAIN with me, because trust me you are not alone!