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Birthday Slim Down Update: My Battle With The Scale

No excuses! That’s something that has been engrained in me and I refuse to make them today.

I have not done well in the last two weeks and I will admit that I have gotten a good scare by the scale which means that I need to put some things back in perspective. I have to have more self control when it comes to this change, more honesty when it comes to amounts and what it is that I am eating. I figured that if I worked out, I could indulge. Part of that is true! Working out does give a LITTLE room for indulging but not overwhelming amounts of it. Herein lies my personal battle. On one side, I am saying to myself: that’s fine, you can have that. On the other side: you can’t out-exercise a poor diet.

Ahhhh the “other side” is right. No matter how much I work out, I will always be trying to get over the hump if I don’t change the way that I look at allowing myself to indulge. Indugling cannot be highlight out of my week and it also cannot be more than the healthier options that I have. I have to be able to look at myself and not let the scale define me but solely a benchmark that puts things back in perspective.

I refuse to lose this battle. I have fought hard and I have seen the changes that can happen, I know that I can do better. It takes a different mindset and I know that I will have to look back on this post to remember what I said and how I felt on this day. Frustrated, annoyed, and a little disheartened but not defeated. I refuse to let this be my complete story. I will continue to encourage myself, view others and their transformations, and do what works for me.

Birthday Slim Down Update: Week 1

Week one, I thought I MURDERED it. I went to the gym 3-4 times, did two activities instead of one some days, I cooked all of my meals (I deviated a little but I always made sure to eat breakfast and I stayed pretty close to my prep). Here is my downfall: I snacked more than I should have and I went out the night before I was supposed to weigh in at Weight Watchers. I hit the scale Saturday morning and there is was: 1.8 pounds….NOOOOO. All the work, prep. and planning felt like I hadn’t worked hard enough. All morning, I just kept thinking about the goal that I set for myself: 2lbs per week, 2 lbs…that’s it! Then I hit a reality check: I still lost weight! I still worked hard and there were results. It also was hardly far off from the amount of weight that I wanted to drop…so why was I so upset? Because when I set a goal, I like to beast that goal.

After that weigh in, I decided that I am not going to beat myself up, it is not right to do so because I am trying, I am physically getting up, I am trying to enjoy my life but I am also thinking about being happier, healthier and whole but I can’t do that if I am critical of the body that I have worked so hard to accept. The person that I have to look at every day in in the mirror. She is great and working hard to get to a healthier place on many levels.

Goals for week 2:

  1. 2 lbs this week!!
  2. Less deviating from the meal plan
  3. Sweets: limit the amount of sweets and drinking (I only had two margaritas and they were SWEEEET) a week. Do NOT over-indulge
  4. 4 days of activity. Even if it’s not the gym, do SOMETHING!

Have a good week all!

Amber 🙂

Short-Term Goal: Birthday Slim Down

I haven’t posted in a while but during the time that I was away, there were several things that came to my mind and things that I have been thinking seriously about:

  1. I turn 26 next month, which is a blessing! 
  2. I have accomplished quite a bit in my 25+ years on Earth and I am damn proud of that
  3. I will be started a new job soon and there is the possibility that there is going to be quite a bit of stress initially, which may throw me off. But I will be finally leaving the stress from this current job and move on happy and healthy.
  4. People share really beautiful comments about my weight loss, my appearance and my confidence that really warms my heart, especially because it took me quite a bit of time to appreciate all of the aforementioned things.
  5. Although the comments are wonderful, I am still not where I want to be as far as my weight loss. It is another thing on my list that I do not stay consistent with (the only major thing that I have been consistent with is school)
  6. Soooo I joined weight watchers….I am already not feeling it because I forgot how strict it was. But…it is something/someone to be accountable to every week besides myself. Being in the meeting started me thinking about goals. What weight loss goals would I like to accomplish both short and long term and that’s where I came up with the BIRTHDAY SLIM DOWN idea.
  7. I want to lose 2 pounds per week before my birthday, September 22nd (GO VIRGOS)! Which would mean that I needed to dot he following things:
    • Meal prep and stick to it
    • Limit food portions
    • keep an accurate account of what is eaten
    • gym 4-5 times per week with breaks so there isn’t burn out
    • Water, water, water and more water!!

So we shall see but I want to feel better at 26 than I did at 25 and I want it to keep getting better, I want to age like a fine wine! 🙂

Peace all,