Birthday Shenanigans

I legit told myself I would do better the second week and from Tuesday (my birthday) on, I struggled with my eating. Let me tell you that cake was on point and I ate on it all week! I had plenty of alcohol, which creates really bad heartburn and pudge lol. The upside besides enjoying my birthday all week, I did workout everyday but today (Heyyyyy now).

With that being said: I’m back to water, limited-to-no sweets, making sure that I am having meals at home, and lots of veggies and fruit. The one thing that I have been surprised about this time around, I have been enjoying the workouts where usually I get overwhelmed by the amount of things listed. At this point, it has been a joy to get up and get it done because it means that I have working limbs and I am pushing my body out of it’s comfort zone. I am also grateful that I am not doing it alone, others are getting involved with the 40 Days of Beast movement! (What up tho, BEASTS!)

Anyway, I’m keeping it moving both mentally and physically because I feel better and my confidence grows on a daily basis! Let’s do it!

Have a good week all,


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