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Almost A Year Later…

It has been almost a year since my last post and so much has happened since then!

  1. Gained all of the weight back that originally lost, plus some!
  2. Began a relationship and got extremely comfortable. (Not blaming the relationship, I made the decisions that I made and I am responsible for the late night eating, fatty food consuming, and SWEETS!)
  3. Started working out less
  4. Stopped making my own meals

I took a step back earlier this month after an emergency room visit that required me to step onto the scale. I found that I had reached my heaviest weight…EVER! I was soooo disappointed. I was disappointed with myself, I was disappointed in my choices, and I found myself feeling a bit depressed. (I think that I tried to drown my feelings in ice cream that night). I brought myself back to reality and remembered that I had another cruise coming up on September 4th. With that I also remembered that I had a dress that I bought a while ago and I was determined to get into this dress. I tried it on and guess what…it was helllllla snug. It wouldn’t even zip. I again waned to drown myself in some kind of sweet. But I said…TO HELL WITH THAT! I AM GETTING IN THIS D*** DRESS!

After that emergency room visit, I decided that I was going to cook my own meals, avoid eating fast food as much as possible, and increase workouts…from 1 or 2 days to 6 or 7. I consulted with my brother, Kojuan, and he explained that I should be trying to get at least 30 mins of cardio in a day and that I could eat what I wanted but moderate. His advice was solid and I thank him for being extremely supportive. What kept me in check was that beautiful dress that I was determined to get into. I tried on again in 1.5 weeks, still too snug but it zipped half way. I decided to ramp it up a bit and start Zumba and water aerobics, which gave me cardio and some weights without the stress om my joints. I also started to use Hip Hop Abs with Shaun T and I have to say that I definitely started to see a difference. Other people expressed that they were starting to see a difference too! [TMI WARNING] I started to see a difference and then I started my cycle which blew me all the way up! I was bloated and found myself becoming discouraged (F YOU HORMONES)! I still worked out during that time and when it was over, I saw that I was still in a good place.

Yesterday, as I finished my workout, I stared at my open luggage and I said to myself, “I think it’s time”. I was looking at that beautiful blue dress that I felt I had been working so hard to get in to. I put the dress on, struggling a bit, but enlisted the support of my grandmother to zip me in. For a moment, I was afraid it wasn’t going to but she zipped me in and it was not bulging. I DID IT! I got back into  my dress! It’s still a big snug but it was snug when I bought it but it was more so the dedication to get it done that I was proud of! I share this no to gloat, not even a little bit. This has continuously been my journey: do well, get complacent, get WAY TOO comfy, fall completely off, become my worst critic. It has not been an easy road for me but I know that I also make it difficult for myself and there isn’t a formula that works all of the time. So as we constantly change, there is always a need to adapt. I will keep that in mind as I come up to this cruise and enjoy my hard work both physical and professional as well!


Much love,

❤ Amber