Physically back from vacation but mentally, I am still on the beach!

I enjoyed a wonderful vacation to the Western Caribbean: Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Georgetown, Grand Cayman; and Cozumel, Mexico. It was BEAUTIFUL, on so many levels! The rest that I got was EVERYTHING! With that being said, I have been back almost 3 weeks now and my mind is still trying to adjust getting back to work and not being on the beach! I was getting my entire life! Also within that time, I celebrated my 28th birthday! My goal was to get through this week so that I can start to get back on my grind since I put in so much work before I went on my vacation.

SOOOOOO this is the get back.

I started with meal prep: 10 meals (lunch and dinner for each day of the week), snacks, and figuring out my breakfast (depending on my work/workout schedule). This is always the hardest part for me (and I’ve addressed this before) because it takes up so much damn time! YO, with my family being  here for a majority of the weekend, it was hard to get things done with yelling for the kids to come out of the kitchen, it took twice as long as usual, and my legs/feet/back were starting to feel it. The second thing that I have to plan out is my workout schedule for the week so that I can get this body MOVING! My goal is to have a majority of the week where I am physically active despite my work schedule. Not allowing my energy to be the complete factor in completing this goal (easier said than done considering it’s Sunday and I am not physically doing anything at the moment LOL).I am thinking about water aerobics, Hip Hop Abs and some Zumba (of course).

Let’s see how it goes!

❤ Amber


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