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These are challenges that I have or would like to participate in.

Water/Detox–Limit sweets

Instead of making bigger goals that feel overwhelming, I will do smaller goals to achieve throughout the week.

So I decided to implement something different this week: I decided to do a detox first thing in the mornings (hot water, apple cider vinegar, and lemon) as well as a 3L bottle of water. Usually when given the option, I will choose something with the most sugar in it but I am making a conscious effort to only have maybe a cup of something different but drink water the rest of the day *the struggle is real*. I succeeded in getting more water in throughout the week. I did not accomplish the 3L bottle everyday but I got in a significant amount of water per day. With the detox, I did a couple in the morning and one at night. I think that I may try doing them both in the morning and at night to help with digestion.

The one thing that I really wanted to consciously work on is working out a bit more, without pressure. Thus far, I have pushed myself to go on days that I don’t normally go. And then there were days that I just decided not to go at all. I felt like I needed to but didn’t to give my body a bit of rest.

This week’s small goal is: cut back on the amount of sweets that I consume. Sweets are certainly my kryptonite and I tend to gravitate toward them knowing I don’t need to consume as much. There’s nothing wrong with something here and there but I have a tendency to indulge and not feel so hot afterward (stomach issues or sweet overload, ect.). Let’s see how this goes.

Have a good week all,

40 Days of Beast

I had been hoping that I would come across a challenge that seemed plausible for me, something to be accountable for and something popped up on both my FB and IG and I said to myself, “you needed a sign so here ya go” and like what has happened in the past, I have fallen completely off. It’s been disheartening because I was really on it and I was working for it. I am hoping that this is what brings me out of my slump. So on Sunday, which is how I begin my workout cycles, I will join the 40 Days of Beast that one of my fellow Berkeley alums and Frat brother started together.

Check the photos for further information on how to get involved if you’re interested!