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New Month and STILL GOING

Firstly, I know that I don’t do a lot of blog posts but if you take the time to read what I have to say, I want to thank you! I use this as a way to hold myself accountable but to let folks know that I struggle and I triumph, I fall down 9 times and get up 10 (shout out to CARDI B!)

With that being said, although I didn’t see all that I wanted to see as far as weight loss in April, it was still an amazing month. I legit set a goal to be more active and I worked out 22(ish) of the 30 days! I’ve never taken the time to count before, but I kept a calendar, wrote down what exercise I did, and how long I did it for. This was a way for me to see how I progressed, what exercises I was doing, and goals that I could make for myself throughout the week.  I even worked out while I was on vacation. Of the 5 days that I was gone, I worked out 3 of those. I was able to find a YMCA in Houston that allowed me to use the facility since I am a member here in Oakland.

There were many non-scale victories: Inches are coming down, more stamina (I can work out for longer and I push through pain, unlike before), I have been trying to meet my Fitbit step goal for a majority of the week, increased my water intake, and still enjoying my meal prep options (I may eat out one meal of the day but for the most part, I stick to what I have).

This month I am working on: parking further so I get more walking in (meet my step goal 5 out of 7 days), switching up the workouts that I am doing (I’ve mainly done Hip-Hop Abs, which is really helping with the midsection), incorporate more strength/weight training, more fruits throughout the day, less sugar, and staying consistent! I would also like to not think too much further than the current month and sometimes the current day because I tend to get overwhelmed in the details of things, creating an unnecessary anxiety that wasn’t there before. I am thinking more and more about accountability partners and a friend discussed a accountability coach that I may look into.

I’d love to hear what is working for other folks!

With love,

Amber ❤

I did that!

Guess who’s out of the 370 club?!??

This girl!!

Yea buddy! Down to 369.2 and 1.2lbs away from my first goal of 50lbs. This has been the hardest like 10-20lbs to lose but I’m working!! Can’t wait until I can officially say that I am down to that goal weight that I set for myself!

Now…I really want to reward myself with a burrito but I am going to settle for some egg whites and cottage cheese, shoot maybe even an apple! I’ll splurge a little lol.