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New Month and STILL GOING

Firstly, I know that I don’t do a lot of blog posts but if you take the time to read what I have to say, I want to thank you! I use this as a way to hold myself accountable but to let folks know that I struggle and I triumph, I fall down 9 times and get up 10 (shout out to CARDI B!)

With that being said, although I didn’t see all that I wanted to see as far as weight loss in April, it was still an amazing month. I legit set a goal to be more active and I worked out 22(ish) of the 30 days! I’ve never taken the time to count before, but I kept a calendar, wrote down what exercise I did, and how long I did it for. This was a way for me to see how I progressed, what exercises I was doing, and goals that I could make for myself throughout the week.  I even worked out while I was on vacation. Of the 5 days that I was gone, I worked out 3 of those. I was able to find a YMCA in Houston that allowed me to use the facility since I am a member here in Oakland.

There were many non-scale victories: Inches are coming down, more stamina (I can work out for longer and I push through pain, unlike before), I have been trying to meet my Fitbit step goal for a majority of the week, increased my water intake, and still enjoying my meal prep options (I may eat out one meal of the day but for the most part, I stick to what I have).

This month I am working on: parking further so I get more walking in (meet my step goal 5 out of 7 days), switching up the workouts that I am doing (I’ve mainly done Hip-Hop Abs, which is really helping with the midsection), incorporate more strength/weight training, more fruits throughout the day, less sugar, and staying consistent! I would also like to not think too much further than the current month and sometimes the current day because I tend to get overwhelmed in the details of things, creating an unnecessary anxiety that wasn’t there before. I am thinking more and more about accountability partners and a friend discussed a accountability coach that I may look into.

I’d love to hear what is working for other folks!

With love,

Amber ❤

Didn’t Realize So Much Time Had Passed…

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[Trigger warning ⚠️ ]

I have not been on my blog since 2016?!?!?! Wow! So much has happened in between that I didn’t realize how much time had passed since I wrote about my journey…this is probably going to be a long one so bear with me!

Within the last couple of years, I have changed jobs, gotten licensed in my career field, had and ended a relationship, and experienced bouts of depression that were pretty significant. All the while, my health has taken a backseat and I got (un)comfortably complacent. To be completely transparent, my family has also gone through quite the bout of health issues and I found myself at Kaiser so often in support of them, fighting for them/along side them, and feeling emotionally exhausted that I was no longer focusing on how I could turn my own situation around. It usually takes a health scare within my family in order for me to start doing something about it and the latest one really put things into perspective.

I realized this past week that I have really allowed myself to use my concern and fear for others as a crutch at times too. I shoulda, coulda, woulda done so many things differently but I was starting to feel powerless/hopeless. The other revelation that I had was: I don’t want the same issues happening to me and that if I don’t get it together, I will die! I know that is hella morbid but my issues have not been as apparent as: hypertension, diabetes, etc. doesn’t mean that I am not killing myself ever-so slowly. Instead, at almost 30 years old: my knees hurt (arthritis), I have plantar fasciitis (heel issue), and borderline high blood pressure. I have almost exceeded my highest weight…again. I have been scared to say that aloud for the longest time because it makes it real! How can I be a champion for everyone else but I am an afterthought when it comes to my health? Because I am not putting the same significance of going to the hospital to what I am going through? I do minimize because I want everyone around me to be fine, and I am perceived as the one who can, will, does have their ducks in a row, even to myself.

When I had an emotional moment, where I cried in my car (to my best friend), I realized that something had to change…AGAIN! I have to take my health seriously and not allow myself to become so overwhelmed with the WHOLE picture and take control of the things that I can change.

  1. Soooo…when I learned that there was a person in the Bay who does meal prep for people I was like YAAAAASSSSS, and decided to take advantage of this opportunity. One of the things that I have allowed to be a stumbling block for myself is not wanting to cook weekly. Each day, my schedule looks different and I only have one day of the week off (Saturday), by the time it comes, I am pooped but need to get ready for Sunday (Private Practice). It’s only been two days since I started eating my meals but I am loving what I have tried so far. It is helping me to have 3 meals a day and I can have additional things during the week, going to 5-6 small meals a day.
  2. One of my Sorors is doing another weight loss challenge, which also came right on time. I can now focus on if I lose weight, I may get some coin too! LOL! (Every bit helps). This is a way that I know I have to be accountable to not only myself but to the collective.
  3. I am engaging a Monthly Workout Record, both on paper and through MyFitnessPal/Fitbit
  4. Workout in the mornings that I go in later to work, and workout in the evenings that I leave by 5ish. I am trying to do at least 3-4 days of workouts.
  5. Increase my water intake, 75oz preferably, but I will take what I can get at this point.

This is what I am trying for the month and I will allow myself the grace to mess up and pick myself back up! I have a tendency to wallow in what I have done wrong that I don’t show myself any kindness on what has gone right!

I’d be open to feedback and additional suggestions! I have a tendency to fall off on accountability partners but I really do want one!

❤ Amber

Started from the bottom…well you know ;)


THIS is my second beginning. It’s my second beginning because April was the first time that I decided to make the transition into losing weight. I have been the person constantly saying that no matter what: love who you are! That is something that I take along with me on this journey because at one point, I did not love me enough. I have used/still use food as a crutch and I know that my body has to be more important to me than that. I have struggled with being active, refusing to take advice because I was stubborn but I know that at the end of the day, I had to do this on my own and know that I loved me enough to start this journey. That was the revelation that I had in April. I had already been told by the doctor that I was borderline diabetic and that I needed to watch out for high blood pressure because it is something that runs in the family (on both sides). Doctors were telling me that the weight loss goals that I planned for when I was away at school weren’t going to happen because I was going to be busy and it was unrealistic to set myself up that way. I internalized that. I wanted to rebel against so not only did I not work toward those weight loss goals, I gained weight, reaching my highest of 418.

Now, I am 45.8lbs lighter and 4.2lbs to my first goal of 50lbs. Although it took longer than I wanted it to, I still started. I started because I told myself that I am beautiful but I need to do better as far as being active and let go of some of those lifelong habits. While I still struggle with this journey, I know that I can reach those goals as long as I set and stick to them, even when it is not perfect (because I know for sure that I am NOT).  I am walking into this new year with a new goal of 100lbs before 2015, 25lbs every 3 months seems doable and my dad is going to join me! Even if I don’t reach it, I am going to work hard to get as close to it as possible.

I started this blog to inspire others. I also want to continue to inspire myself. I am going to post things about my start, my progress and eventually my accomplished goals. I want to post things that I am interested in trying, things that I have tried and anything that I come across that will be a support to others.  I look at this as the opportunity to speak my truth and create a space for others to do the same. I hope that this will only gain positivity and deflect negativity. I want this process to be one of minimal stress considering how hard the weight loss journey already is. Feel free to share how you’ve been successful, speak the positives, I want to hear them!

Thank you in advance for your support, I am grateful for the opportunity to come into your life.